Arkanoid clone with Pygame

This is the github repository.

Download this game here.

A game on the ipad in 40 minutes (pythonista app)

In this video you will see the potential of pythonista for Ipad. I just followed the example that is included in the app as tutorial to make a game, trying to show the logic of making a simple 2d shooter and how simple is to program it in python on the ipad. Here is the post about this video.

Manipulate Powerpoint files with Python

An example of how to create powerpoint files using python to make very nice stuffs in the fastest way you can.

Find files with Pyhton

Python is great to look for files on your computer. It makes you save a lot of time and you can make a loto of things with them.

Make the computer speak

Do you want to make the computer say what you want it to say? In any language? Save the audio in mp3? Let's do it with gtts, the Google API interface module.