DaFluffy potato keeps coding (new features in his ‘game’ made with pygame).

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I like the work of DaFluffyPotato, first because it very nice to watch with that delightful graphic, nice enviromental tounches and the way he focus on details and then because it shows what you can do with pygame, giving you the motivation to learn it. This is the last gif showing the progress in what could become a new game. He is adding new features every time withou  a specific goal (or at least we don’t know what is it) and I think it is a nice idea to make the project grow this way, because when the game scenario will be ready it could be easy to build a game around it. I thinl it could become a sort of engine for 2d pixel game too.

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The post with the progress in the DaFluffyPotato last game project

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