Tkinter cheatsheets

Tkinter : the module to create a GUI with tkinter

Tkinter is the buil in module for python to create a graphic user interface. Here you will find the snippets to create almost anything with tkinter. I am doing a work on progress here, so come to visit this page often in the next weeks, because it will become huge.

How to manage tkinter in seconds.

  • add a menu
  • trasform html into pdf
  • a label with an Image
  • Basic window with many widgets

Add a menu

The command is the link to a function (substitute now with the function triggered buy the click of the voice of the menu.

Transform html into pdf

This is a GUI where you can write or copy and paste html to be transformed into pdf pressing ctrl+b

A label with an image

The output (the text is overwritten, it is not part of the image)

Basic window with many widgets (template 1)

This is what it looks like

A button that resize with the window


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Pygame map editor devlog

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