Free Games

In this page you will find free games made with pygame or pure python by the author of this blog. All the games are on

The games are created to show some example of the possible use of the pygame modules and also for fun.


  • PySnake
  • Chimp Memory Game
  • PuzzleMania
  • PyBreakNoid

Python snake

This is the most classic and simple arcade game probably, but it’s fun. Still need some features to be added in the next feature but it’s yet fun and complete on this version.

Github repository of the Python Snake Game

You can find it also on

Chimp memory Game

This is a memory game in pygame. You have to remember a sequence disposition of numbers after you watch them for a while. The numbers increases at every stage.

Chimp Memory 1.0.6 – with music and stuffs


In this game you have to rebuild an image. You can easily put your own images, putting then into the puzzles direcotory. Use a size of 500×700 or so to have the best visualization.

Go to the download page.

Github repository of pypuzzle



ArkaPyGame and PyBreakNoid

The one below is an older version that used no images but just colored surfaces, you can find this version in the github repository.

In the github repository the new version of PyBreakNoid 1.16, new version of ArkaPyGame with Bigger screen.

Go to the dowload page.

Games made by other


Clone of galaga


Github repo

Another snake game

This is a nice version with nice music and sounds, it is quite relaxing.

Github repository

Free music for games

Pygame map editor devlog

The devlog of the Pygame map editor. A work in progress to create a map editor to create maps with tiles with an example of a game that uses these maps. The current version is 1.5 of the map editor and 0.2 of the game, not yet ready for the 1.5 version of the editor (16.9.2020). Repository of the map editor