How to use your modules with Python

You can create your folder with your most useful scripts in python and use them in every folder you need them, without having to copy them and without having to know their path, just like you do with installed modules with some simple steps.

  • find where is the site-packages folder in python’s installation (see the video)
  • create a file like mymodules.pth with the path to your modules (ex.: C:\mymodules)

You’re done. Now, if you want to convert some wav files in a folder, go in that folder open the cmd from that folder (write cmd in the address bar up in the window) and write py -m wav2mp3 or python -m wav2mp3 (you need to have a file that you called in the folder with your scripts with the code to convert the files, of course). The script will work into that folder.

Another interesting thing you can do is to create, like I did, a file called utility in which you create a tkinter window with a button that makes you start the script so that you do not need to remember how the script is called.

Here is an example. You could do it for all the scripts you use.

This video will explain you everything

Pygame map editor devlog

The devlog of the Pygame map editor. A work in progress to create a map editor to create maps with tiles with an example of a game that uses these maps. The current version is 1.5 of the map editor and 0.2 of the game, not yet ready for the 1.5 version of the editor (16.9.2020). Repository of the map editor