Arkanoid-Pygame 2.5 – New levels and menu

In this version of Arkanoid-pygame we got new levels and also a way to start and stop the game. There is also a “secret” key (n) to generate a new level or (r) to restart the game. Some things can be done in the menu, some others when it in pause… it’s a little messy, it needs to be fixed.

The menu

The random simmetric levels

Here is the code to make the random simmetric levels

The function to make a new level or to restart

Go in pause pressing space during the game

To restart press q. If you press n, you will change the level design.

The whole code

The github repository.

1.1 – Pong the father of Arkanoid

Pong v. 1.0 – Pygame example

1.2 – Starting arkanoid… from pong

Arkanoid… let’s make it better…

1.3 – Adding background

ArkaPyGame 1.3 – Adding a background

1.4 – Collision detection

ArkaPygame 1.4 – Collision detected

1.5 – Bricks collisions

Arkanoid in pygame part 5

1.6 – Still on Collisions

Arkanoid part 6 – Still on bricks collision

1.7 – Fixed strange bouncing

Arkanoid 1.7 – Fixed strange bouncing

1.8 – How to destroy the bricks

Arkanoid 1.8 – First stage almost complete: destroy bricks

1.9 – More levels

Arkanoid 1.9 – more stages

2.1 – Infinite level generator

Arkanoid 2.0 – infinite levels

2.3 – Sounds and faster frame rate tecnique

ArkaPyGame 2.1 – Arkanoid like game made with Pygame

2.5 – New nicer levels simmetric and in color and menus

Arkanoid-Pygame 2.5 – New levels and menu

2.6 – Keyboard control

ArkaGame 2.6 – Adding keyboard commands

2.7 – Mouse exclusive control

Arkanoid 2.7 with Pygame – Mouse control – Tiny version

TinyArka – “Mini” version of Arkanoid with pygame

5.0 – Arkagame: 5 different versions

Breakout / Arkanoid – 5 versions in one (pygame)

Github repository

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