Breakout / Arkanoid – 5 versions in one (pygame)

The previous version had only three styles

Since I have made different versions of the classic Arkanoid or Breakout game, I decided to pull them all together in this version that you can find in this github repository.

Go here for the executable and the source code: arkapygame_5_0 (on

In a future post I will show you, step by step, how to make this game with python and the pygame module.

There are 5 versions:

  • Monochrome
  • Polychrome
  • Tiny
  • Tiny 2
  • Randonoid (random stages)

Each one has his style and the last one gives you a random style for each stage. Each one has its maxscore in a txt file.

This is the code at the moment (it could be updated in the github repository). In the repository you will find the assets too.

The video with the game

In this video of the ArkaGame v.5, you will see the 5 different versions of the game.

The code

1.1 – Pong the father of Arkanoid

Pong v. 1.0 – Pygame example

1.2 – Starting arkanoid… from pong

Arkanoid… let’s make it better…

1.3 – Adding background

ArkaPyGame 1.3 – Adding a background

1.4 – Collision detection

ArkaPygame 1.4 – Collision detected

1.5 – Bricks collisions

Arkanoid in pygame part 5

1.6 – Still on Collisions

Arkanoid part 6 – Still on bricks collision

1.7 – Fixed strange bouncing

Arkanoid 1.7 – Fixed strange bouncing

1.8 – How to destroy the bricks

Arkanoid 1.8 – First stage almost complete: destroy bricks

1.9 – More levels

Arkanoid 1.9 – more stages

2.1 – Infinite level generator

Arkanoid 2.0 – infinite levels

2.3 – Sounds and faster frame rate tecnique

ArkaPyGame 2.1 – Arkanoid like game made with Pygame

2.5 – New nicer levels simmetric and in color and menus

Arkanoid-Pygame 2.5 – New levels and menu

2.6 – Keyboard control

ArkaGame 2.6 – Adding keyboard commands

2.7 – Mouse exclusive control

Arkanoid 2.7 with Pygame – Mouse control – Tiny version

TinyArka – “Mini” version of Arkanoid with pygame

5.0 – Arkagame: 5 different versions

Breakout / Arkanoid – 5 versions in one (pygame)

Github repository

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